Success Stories

Comfort Club – A Cambridge University Paediatric Society Project

Cambridge University Paediatric Society have started a wonderful scheme called Comfort Club and we want to celebrate their hard work!

Comfort Club is a scheme run jointly with the NICU at the Rosie Hospital and the University of Cambridge that aims to bring together families, health care professionals, and medical students to provide targeted developmental care for premature babies in the NICU. Interaction with adults during the neonatal period plays a key role in many aspects of neurodevelopment, and more time exposed to positive touch, adult voices (in moderation), and to being held, whilst in NICU, leads to improvements in multiple outcomes for premature neonates.  Our student volunteers are clinical medical students from years 4, 5 and 6 who undertake training on a training day run by a neurodevelopmental nurse, physio and occupational therapist on NICU. They then attend NICU for around an hour per week to spend time with either a particular premature baby referred to the scheme for long-term follow up, or an available baby in SCBU. Neonates who may particularly benefit include those with needs requiring a long-term stay on the unit, those with complex social issues or few visits, and withdrawing neonates.

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