Intercalated Degrees

Here is a list of intercalating programmes from across the United Kingdom that we have found which have either have a direct paediatric component or may be related to paediatrics. 

Please note:

  • This list is by no means exhaustive and if you feel that there is a course we have missed out please get in touch by emailing

  • UKAPS does not endorse or promote any of the below courses

  • The list does not include general BSc/BMSc courses which allow an individual project as we assume that you will be aware whether or not your university is able to offer individual research projects related to paediatrics.

University of Aberdeen: BSc Human Embryology and Developmental Biology

University of Bristol: BSc Childhood Studies

University of Dundee: BMSc Human Reproduction, Assisted Conception and Embryonic Stem Cells

University of Edinburgh: BMedSci Development, Regeneration and Stem Cells

University of Exeter: MSc Paediatric Exercise and Health

University of Glasgow: BSc (MedSci) Women’s and Children’s Health

University of Manchester: BSc Developmental Biology

Imperial College, London: BSc Reproductive and Developmental Sciences

King’s College, London: BSc Women’s Health

Personal intercalating experience 

Charlotte King, intercalating medical student, University of Liverpool

Undertaking an intercalation degree is a difficult decision for some students to make and one which was never on my radar until 4 months before I started it. Paediatrics is my dream speciality and one which when looking at intercalation degrees was not that well advertised. For me, it wasn’t until speaking to an older year that the option of my degree even crossed my mind.

However, it has been a decision I’ve not regretted for a single day since starting in September, and one which if anyone asked me if they should intercalate I would say YES! but only if you can afford it and love the area you are doing it in. This degree has not been plain sailing and in all honesty, is harder than studying medicine but every second has been in child health my passion, and so has never been a bad decision.

If you are thinking of intercalating then don’t make it quickly, discuss it with people who have previously done it, with your friends and family, think about if you can afford it, and do it in an area you love.