Medical Student Resources

We have collated a selection of fantastic resources to support your paediatric education during medical school

Textbook Recommendations

This is a selection of some of the popular Paediatric textbooks out there. Feel free to explore the different options and see which is best suited to your own style of learning.

Resources for OSCEs

Useful Websites Geeky Medics Geeky Medics provides free medical student revision resources, including OSCE guides, clinical skills videos, clinical cases and MCQ / SBA quizzes. MUMPS OSCE Examination Videos The Manchester University Medics Paediatrics Society (MUMPS) produces OSCE video, portraying how to go approach paediatric OSCE stations. Paediatric First Aid There are significant differences between adult and… Continue reading Resources for OSCEs

Organising a Paediatric Elective

Your elective is one of the most exciting times for any medical student. Ask any doctor and we’re sure they’ll reminisce fondly and tell you great tales from their elective! As well as being an amazing opportunity to travel the world, it’s also an ideal time to explore your future career aspirations and gain some insight… Continue reading Organising a Paediatric Elective