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It’s great that you’re interested in applying for paediatric training! We have UKAPS Foundation Doctor reps in each deanery, who are happy to be contacted if you want to know more about paediatric endeavours in your local area. There are also handy resources on our website, which we are continually updating, so watch this space!


East Anglia: Alisha Burman (alisha.burman@doctors.org.uk)

LNR: Sahil Nichani

NW London: Emma Alexander (emma.alexander5@nhs.net)

  • Mentoring scheme sign up:  https://forms.gle/74eYyfDWvcvFAYwC9

NW England: Alasdair Humphries

Northern: Clodagh Mitchell

Oxford: Rebecca Stearns

Scotland: Tiffany Tzortzidis

Severn: Jess Laidlaw

South Thames: Shiffa Shahid

Wales: Zoe Johnson (zoe.johnson.51@gmail.com)

Yorkshire & Humber: Heather Goodacre

Applying for Paediatric Jobs

Map of Deaneries Download our handy Deaneries Map with a list of hospitals in each Deanery! Paediatric Deaneries Paediatric Jobs 2019 Download for an Excel spreadsheet of the Paediatric Jobs that were available in 2019. PaedsChoices2019    

Deanery Map

We made choosing a deanery for your paediatric training even easier with our Deanery Map and list of the available jobs in 2019.