Elective Inspo

Electives Inspo: Canada, Babies, Canada

An Elective undertaken in Vancouver, Canada in the NICU unit I undertook my elective in the Summer 2017 in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital. This placement opened my eyes to the harsh reality of our limitations to save babies lives as doctors. Over the four weeks of the placement, I… Continue reading Electives Inspo: Canada, Babies, Canada

Success Stories

Celebrating Success: Maryam Al-Mahtot, University of Aberdeen

Maryam Al-Mahtot, 4th year medical student, University of Aberdeen My naïve experience of research began in the summer of 2nd year of medical school, when I undertook an 8-week-long summer research studentship at my university. This experience landed me in the good hands of a consultant paediatrician, whose invaluable guidance led to the acquiring of the knowledge… Continue reading Celebrating Success: Maryam Al-Mahtot, University of Aberdeen